If your property (residential or commercial) has experienced water damage – act fast. Where possible stop any further water damage immediately – turn off the mains water or try and block any obvious entry point if caused by storm or floods. Turn off any electrical outlets. Call the State Emergency Services (SES) if it is a flood or storm emergency: 13 25 50 in NSW.   Contact a local plumber if you can’t turn off the water or control any sewerage or appliance overflow issues (bath, washing machine, basins & sinks). Contact your insurance company or letting agent to see what cover you have and what they advise. Call Water Damage Cleaning – 24 hours – 7 days a week. We will give you useful advice over the phone and let you know how quickly we can be at your property to start the clean-up.  We service the East coast of NSW from Harbour to Harbour: Coffs Harbour to Sydney Harbour. The faster you act the better. Call our dedicated emergency number now 0401 222 130