What you CAN DO do in case of water damage to your property

mains water tap - do you know where yours is?
First step is to try to stop the source of the water damage | Remove any electrical appliances on the floor if safe to do so | Make sure that any hard surface wet area is made safe for walking on, for example place towels to prevent a slipping hazard | If you are insured make contact with your insurer to advise what has happened |If you are renting please get hold of your property manager immediately and advise what has happened |In the interim you can mop up and towel dry the floors or carpets as best you can | Remove any furniture on wet carpets as this will cause the furniture to stain your carpets and this is irreversible

What you should NOT DO in case of water damage to your property

Do not use any electrical appliances on your floors and carpets if they are still wet |Do not remove any carpet without professional help as this can lead the carpet to shrinking and this is not repairable | Do not use your vacuum cleaner

In an emergency and to get your water damaged property on the way to being fully restored contact Water Damage Cleaning, 24-hours, 7 days a week. Call 0401 222 130